Una Belly Fat Juice

I’m excited to share this belly fat recipe with you all!  A lot of people loved the whitening juice and said it was effective and they got great results!  This belly fat juice eliminates belly fat and also gives you dewy skin!  It’s also a lot easier to make this belly fat juice than whitening juice, you don’t even need a blender.  Because this juice is for fat, you need to drink it consistently, throughout the day, and be patient.  I drank it to get rid of the fat on my stomach, but my skin also got better!

I’m sure many of us have tried diet pills, counting calories, or a fad diet, only to be disappointed in the long run.  For most people, if you’ve tried to diet or lose weight in a short time, you’ve probably gone through a yo-yo effect, and have ended up gaining all the weight back … sometimes even more!  

Diet pills are expensive and usually don’t work in the long run because it forces your body to shed pounds unnaturally, plus it’s really not good for you and it’s hard on your body.  If you try this belly fat eliminating juice, you can lose your belly fat naturally, you don’t need to buy expensive dieting pills, and you also won’t gain the weight back.  You will not only have a slim waistline, it will even improve your skin and health!


Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk by Kirkland

Almonds & Almond Milk

People think almonds are fattening because of the fat content, but if you don’t eat more than the recommended daily amount, it actually helps aid control! Fat content is mostly unsaturated fatty acid.  The most important thing is you will see dewy skin!  Almond vitamin E has very powerful antioxidants, so it can only make the skin dewy and elastic!  My skin is dewy mostly because of almonds!  23 almonds = 73% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E.  It’s best to chew the unpeeled almond.  The skin is full of nutrients!  If you want to have fair skin, eat almonds!

Puer Tea

Puer Tea is really famous for losing belly fat. This is because it contains gallic acid.  It blocks fat absorption after eating and it even eliminates body fat, so it’s even more effective to drink puer tea after having a meal.  If you want to lose wight with puer tea, you need to drink more than 30 cups of it, but that is pretty much impossible!  I use Puer Tea Powder, because two grams (3/4 teaspoon) is equal to more than 30 cups!  There are rumors about side effects (such as calculus), but you will be fine if you take it with calcium, which is why we add almond milk, because almonds contain high amounts of calcium, so you don’t have to worry about side effects. 

Use the recommended amount if you are not sensitive to caffeine, or if you don’t have a weak stomach, 3-4 grams (1-1.25 tsp) will be fine.  The right amount varies from person to person, so it’s best to start with a small amount, starting from 2 grams, and slowly increasing up to 3-4 grams to find the right amount for you.

Lycium Powder by Navitas Organics


Lycium Powder, also known as Goji Berry Powder, works as a booster for this belly fat juice!  Betaine component controls the accumulation of fat so it’s very popular for losing weight.  It is also well-known and used by many hollywood celebrities who take it to make their skin more beautiful, plus it has a ton of antioxidants as well!

Belly Fat Juice Recipe


  1. Pour almond milk in bottle, you can use more if you like, just make sure there is no sugar
  2. Sprinkle the puer tea powder if you are not using a blender, so it won’t clump, you can use more if you are not sensitive to caffeine
  3. Add lycium powder
  4. Cover with lid, shake it with your hands, or you can use a blender


*You can use more Puer Tea Powder if you are not sensitive to caffeine, up to 1-1.25 tsp (3-4 grams)

If you want to make it more tasty, you can add 1 spoon of oligosaccharide.  The calorie content of oligosaccharide is 1/4 less than sugar, so you don’t have to worry because the body can’t absorb it.  But, if you are still worried about calories, you can add a little bit of stevia.  Stevia is 2-300 times sweeter than sugar but it has no calories!  It’s ok to eat up to 1 spoon a day, but just add a pinch of it so it won’t be too sweet.

Remember, don’t drink this belly fat juice all at once.  Drink it little by little throughout the day, after meals.  Drink it like a snack or like coffee, just a few sips throughout the day.  Always shake it before you drink it, you will notice that some of the powder has sunk to the bottom, just shake it a few times and it will melt.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, try not to drink it at night.  I used to be sensitive to caffeine, but I slowly drank the belly fat juice until a little bit later everyday, and now I can drink it after dinner. 

Organic Stevia by Pyure

You won’t see a huge difference right away like with the whitening juice, so you may wonder if this is really effective … but trust me, and continue to drink this belly fat juice!  I really started to see results after drinking it for about 1 month.  My stomach was flatter, and the bulge on my stomach was gone!  You can really see the difference if you wear tight clothing or crop tops.

You only need to remember three things!

1. Eat slightly less than usual (if you usually eat 1 bowl of rice, eat 2/3 only).

2. Cut down on your carbohydrate intake (carbs reduce the effect of losing body fat).

3. Drink the belly fat juice instead of having a snack (whatever you do to lose weight, it will be useless if you eat unhealthy snacks. You can’t eat anything you want, believing this juice will keep you slim).

You will see a huge difference between going on a diet vs. going on a diet and drinking this juice!  This juice will help you to stop binge eating, and most importantly, it won’t cause you to gain all the weight back.  If you find dieting hard and stressful, you can ease yourself into it and start slowly, just start drinking the belly fat juice to make your skin more beautiful and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

The key to maintaining a slim and beautiful body is by simply not eating what you shouldn’t eat (like unhealthy snacks or too much carbs), instead of eating something that is not good for your body (like diet pills) to lose weight.  Wishing you all beauty the healthy way! 💕