Una Whitening + Hydration Mask

It’s time to start whitening care now, regardless of the season! It’s important to do this all year round because you are actually exposed to even more UV rays in autumn and spring as the sun’s altitude becomes lower.  Also, our skin gets very dry in autumn, winter, and spring.  If you don’t treat your sun spots right away, the spots you get during summer will become even darker and more intense.

The downside of whitening care is dryness, so it’s hard to do it during the dry season.  The items below are my favourite face masks that fully restores your hydration and whitens your skin at the same time!


Do you think whitening masks are irritating?  Not hydrating?  Or don’t work?  Try the Miguhara Big 3 Step Ample Mask Pack, you will know why I absolutely love this.  This is designed for whitening and brightening, and it comes with a whitening ampoule, sheet mask, and moisturizer!  You might think this mask won’t be hydrating enough and only focuses on whitening, BUT it’s actually more hydrating than the other hydrating masks out there!

Miguhara Big 3 Step Ample Mask Pack

Miguhara Big 3 Step Whitening Mask Pack

This mask requires 3-steps, so let’s start with the 1st step, the ampoule.  There are many masks that come with an ampoule, but usually they are cheap ampoules that are just made for the sheet mask, or you only get a very little amount.  This ampoule is the same as Miguhara’s best selling ampoule – Miguhara Ultra Whitening Ampule.  There is a lot of ampoule, more than enough for your face and neck, and safe to use on the eyes.  Although it’s a whitening product, it’s not dry or irritating – it’s actually very hydrating and feels like I’m putting a hydrating ampoule on.  

The 2nd step is the sheet mask, which feels really nice on the skin – right away you can feel how nice and smooth it is, and it sticks on perfectly.  Miguhara uses a Bright Cell Sheet, it’s precise and sticks on well, plus the ingredients penetrate into the skin better compared to a cotton sheet mask.  The liquid in the sheet mask is not watery – it’s a rich, intense ampoule that has a thick consistency.  

The 3rd step is the cream, it is full of rich antioxidants and has Vitamin B3 which helps with skin elasticity.  It feels very creamy and absorbs nicely, so apply as much as you need.  There is more than enough, so apply to other dry areas such as the neck, hands, elbows, and knees.

Miguhara Mask Directions:

  1. Wash your face, apply toner, then apply the Miguhara ampoule 
  2. Put the sheet mask on, wait 15 minutes.
  3. Apply a generous amount of cream.

Before I tried this mask I thought it was a bit expensive, but now that I know their ingredients and after seeing the results, I don’t think it’s expensive at all.  Honestly, it’s much better than the high-end face masks that cost more than double the price!

Miguhara Ultra Whitening Ample

Miguhara Ultra Whitening Ample

I love this product so much, it is one of my holy grail products that I use almost everyday!  This is a very rich ampoule, it contains chamomile extract instead of purified water, and it’s full of ingredients that are great for whitening and brightening.  It cuts off the production of the melanic pigment, that is why this ampoule is so popular and works for so many people.  This is also 100% safe to be used on the eye area!  After cleansing and putting on toner or essence, I put this on my face and neck, and then finish off with a cream.  I hope you love this as much as I do!  XOXO 💕